On June 19th 2017, the Learning and IT group (GU_LIT) organized a conference on the digitalization of schools.  The day included two keynote speeches from internationally renowned researchers, a panel debate, a series of workshops that dealt with the topic from many different points of view, and an EdCamp.   In his keynote, current Guest … Read more

The push for Swedish schools to teach students to code computers is now in full swing. This year, the Swedish government announced key changes to its requirements for the teaching of ‘digital competence’ in schools. This shift includes provision for programming to be introduced at all grade levels, becoming “a distinct feature of several different … Read more

The purpose of this post is simply to test an idea, and to do so by a two-pronged approach. Like the two sides of a vinyl record, the following sections can be consumed in any order. Side A: A Speculative Vignette It’s early Monday morning and Andrea is still feeling unpleasantly chilled from the commute … Read more

2016 has been a difficult year for many reasons. It has been marred by far more than its fair share of brutal tragedies and rude awakenings. For the field of learning and IT, the year has seen the crystallising of a number of central questions about the nature of learning in connected digital knowledge ecologies … Read more

There is a real danger that education researchers are going to find themselves squeezed out of the central debates around schools and technology. In short our voices and findings are not going to be seen as worth paying attention to.

Åtminstone sedan 1976, då John Nevinson myntade termen ”computer literacy”, har olika begrepp för att försöka fånga de kunskaper och kompetenser vi behöver för att hantera ett samhälle med digitala teknologier diskuterats. Ett nytillskott i den svenska diskussionen är termen ”datalogiskt tänkande”, en översättning från engelskans ”computational thinking”. Denna term skiljer sig från många andra … Read more

Programmeringens återkomst

11 Mar-2016 | Skrivet av lit i Okategoriserade

Skolverket har fått i uppdrag att föreslå nya IT-strategier för skolväsendet och under våren står man inför arbetet att skriva om skolans läro- och kursplaner. Programmering är ett av de aktuella ämnen som utreds.Är det då dags att (åter)införa programmering på skolschemat? Det är inte svårt att se att programmering skulle kunna spela en roll … Read more

Software biases

8 Mar-2016 | Skrivet av Jonas Ivarsson i Okategoriserade

How is our current thinking shaped by the technologies that we use? In addressing this issue we must examine the underlying biases of our software, and it is to this end I will review a text written by the American architect Mark Foster Gage.